Hurricane Impact Miami Dade NOA Approved

Montecarlo Doors Manufactures Custom Impact Systems that meet the Hurricane impact requirements and rigorous Building Codes of Miami-Dade. These codes are mainly accepted on all south east states and the Caribbean including South & North Carolina, Alabama, Texas, among others.  Our certified portfolio includes any size up to 10 x 8 Feet Double Doors, 10 x 4 feet Sidelites/Direct Sets/ Windows, and 8 x 4 feet Transoms all shapes from Square Top to Eyebrow, and Round Tops.

Our products undergo rigorous air, water, structural, cyclic, large missile impact, and forced entry testing complying with Miami-Dade County Protocols.

We offer conventional or 5- point Multi-Locks on all our Door Systems.


We are dedicated on designing and manufacturing the safest doors, sidelites, and transoms in the market developing the latest technologies and components available.